MakeMe Card Game

An Ideation Card Deck Game to Support Game Design, Emily Flynn-Jones

Learning through Game Design

Play the MakeMe Deck

This module component (in two parts) explores socially conscious and critically focused game design. In part 1, we looked at design philosophies, game examples and (in part 2) we participate in a game design exercise, using the MakeMe Card Deck.

Watch the video for a MakeMe Tutorial and download the Make Me Instructions.

Mod the MakeMe Deck to create simulations and games and ideation decks for your own discipline! Coming Soon – A MakeMe Deck for Digital Storytelling (Narrative Ideation Deck)

Author/Creator Bio: Emily Flynn-Jones, PhD is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and game scholar from York University where she works of promoting gender equity in gaming culture. She also makes games based on her research.

Art Design: Monika Krupa

Creative Technologist: Lindy Wilkins

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