What is Critical Making?

Dr. Laura Pinto, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Learning through Critical Making

In this introduction to the module, Dr. Laura Pinto defines ‘critical making’ and explores the difference between limiting forms of educational making and ‘maker culture’, and truly critical making, and how that distinction matters for transformed educational practice and deep learning today.

Laura Elizabeth Pinto is an Associate Professor of education at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and the recipient of a 2009 Canadian Governor General’s Gold Medal for her academic work. Her critically-oriented research focuses on democracy and social justice in both education policy and practice.

What is Critical Making? Module Introduction


MAKING: a strategy to engage youth in science, technology, engineering, math, arts, and learning as a whole.

CRITICAL MAKING: production that necessarily integrates reflective processes – thus emphasizing a certain type of critically-infused process over the production.