How To Play

The New Media Modules are designed as dynamic modular resources that can be ‘played’, providing flexibility and creative agency for course directors, teachers, and maker communities – as well as for individuals wishing to learn about the creative/critical applications of new media for situated literacy-learning, making, and sharing.

Modules can be played individually or in combination with one another, and discrete module ‘pieces’ (hexagons) can be mobilized alone – like a song on a playlist or a single track on a record – for your own specific course aims and learning purposes.

Each modules consists of video works (scholar presentations, artist interviews, case studies/models, and software tutorials), readings (journal articles authored or curated by video contributors), interactive tools like the MakeMe card decks, and production pedagogy applications: suggested ideas for applied creational making and design, as pertaining to module themes – learning through digital game design, digitial storytelling, critical making, and wikijamming.

Modules – or module pieces – are designed to be used in (or modded for) fully online, blended and face-to-face settings.

Game Pieces

NMM__0000s_0019_blue-watchvideo work  NMM__0000s_0018_blue-connecttheory/reading  NMM__0000s_0016_blue-playcard deck   NMM__0000s_0017_blue-apply application

Playing and Modding the Modules

Registered course instructors, teachers and course directors/developers will be given access to supporting documents with suggested strategies for using/playing the modules – or modding the modules for existing courses or community learning events.