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Brittany Wiki Test - Presentation and World Building Fun

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Issues in Digital Technologies This is your wikimedia sandbox.

Inquiry Projects Proposals Index Page

Research Inquiry: you will be asked to come up with your own inquiry question (critical issues relating to digital technologies and education, society and culture) and develop a research proposal of your own choice – based on your own interests, curiosity, or research aims (in relation to general course themes).

This short wiki project should be used as part of the research process for your final projects.

Your entry should…

  • Articulate inquiry ideas, curiosities, possible research questions (with rationale for why it matters to you). Basic framework, please...

1) identify inquiry topic, questions and controversies.

2) articulate a rationale for why it matters – some brief statement regarding how the topic and/or tool use connects to the course theory (pedagogy, transforming learning, wider social/cultural implications), your life, your research interests, your teaching practice, etc…

3) draft out some initial investigative frames and observations using theory, readings, models, etc, to address inquiry Q's.

4) identify possible media tools (modes of production): what form(s) will the research project take. Consider how multiple tools might work together (embedding an iMovie in a an Ibook, etc).

  • Collaboration/Connections: where relevant/synergistic, try connect to at least two other peer entries, and add (brief/concise) content research angles/or possible questions to enrich peer proposals. Do not modify others’ text, however, and include your signature stamp to all peer additions. This is like a collaborative brainstorming.

Name / Working Title / Keywords

Kayla / Student Engagement in the English Classroom Using Multimodal Literacies and Serious Play / Multimodal Literacies, Serious Play, Digital Narratives

Natalie /Cultural Capital and the Dynamics of Power within the Classroom/Cultural Capital, Power, Role of the Teacher, Student Engagement, Community, Creators

Sharmishtha/The Role of Digital Technology in the ELL Classroom/Scaffolding and Using L2 to Promote Language Learning

Irene/Using gaming and virtual simulation to promote empathy in social justice education/Empathy, Social Justice, Video Games, Virtual Simulation, SAMR, real-world issues

Shaheena / Fostering Inclusive Education by Integrating Digital Technology in the Classroom / Inclusive Education, Personalized Learning, Student Engagement

Cassandra / Digital Technology and Inclusion of Students with Disabilities / Inclusive Education For All /

Krizia / Digital technology and multimodal literacies in French as a second language classrooms / French as a Second Language, Second Language Learning (L2), Multimodal Literacy, Digital Technology

Amanda / Usage of digital technology in the ESL/ELL classroom / English as a Second Language, Multimodal, Digital Technology, English Language Learners

Joanne / Makerspaces in Impoverished Places: critical making in resource-scarce environments / making, digital technology, poverty, digital divide, production pedagogy

Christine / Creating Immersive Learning Environments and Promoting Production Pedagogies in L2 Learning / FSL ESL, Language acquisition, Task-based Instruction, Non-native Speaker

Catherine / Promoting Critical Thinking about Social Justice Education using Digital Technology and Multimodal Literacies/ Curriculum development, Role of the Teacher, Multimodal Literacies, Deep Learning

Kathleen / Digital Technology in Second Language Acquisition / ELL, FSL, language acquisition, digital technology

Urshian / The Relationship Between Engaging in Creative Agency, Politics and Transformation / Ally, Social Justice, Cultural Capital, Trump, Multimodal Literacy, Student Engagement

Sia / Dealing with Color, Engaging in Racial Identity Construction Constructively

Maliha / Deep Learning through Graphic Texts / Graphic Texts, Multimodal Literacies, Deep Learning, Production Pedagogies

Blended Learning WikiMedia Session

As indicated in the email, I would like to make a small tweak to the "blended learning" session (1) to make it more pedagogically interesting, without adding more "work" to the load of this course.

Instead of writing a reflection on your website, we will transport this task to the wiki, focusing on this week's readings (by Malloy, Fullan and Langworthy, Ministry of Ontario: Inquiry-Based Learning).

Part 1: Create a Wiki Page for Your Analysis of the Readings

Use the video tutorial to get started with your wiki page. Click on the link below to visit the index page, and then set up a page for your reflection. Once you get to the Index Page, you'll get the 'next level' of instruction for this project.

* Click here to go your index page: Blended Learning Session / Index Page