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Part 2: Analysis/Reflection

The TLE model ambitiously integrates 1:1 iPad distribution to all students (pilot project) and employs, as its pedagogical foundation, IBL (inquiry-based learning), as well as the work of Ontario theorist/researcher Michael Fullan.

A Rich Seam (by Fullan/Langworthy) provides theoretical frameworks and rationale for TLE, as well as one road-map for envisioning new pedagogies and new learning relationships and deep learning tasks.

Your job is to reflect on the readings (as a set) and evaluate/critique or expand upon the theories, visions, and practical tools and models for system change.

What do you think of this model (theories, vision, action plan, IBL, Fullan) as one model for transforming education/learning for the 21st century?

At the most basic level, what do you make of the model and the framing theories? Possible speculative points of departure for discussion might include...

  • How do the theories in this model connect (or not) with your own theories of education and culture, or your views on learning and technology and innovation and transformation? Or what - in your view - is missing or problematic?
  • Pedagogy, Tech, Epistemological Shifts? What are "deep learning tasks"? Opportunities and limitations of IBL as model? Shifts in what & how we learn, come to know, or make knowledge vis a vis digital ecologies and multimodal tools? Possible shifts in actor roles & positions; power & agency? How might wikimedia be mobilized in concert with other practices/adventures to support deep learning/new pedagogies?
  • Ecological Elements?: What are the variables (the social, discursive, or institutional pieces of the puzzle) that need to be considered? Possible obstacles or challenges you might imagine in rolling out or scaling up, etc?
  • Unpack a lynchpin quote or two that you finding compelling or worth developing/critiquing.

Index For Critical Reflections

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Kurt's Reflection

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