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Remixing Knowledge and Culture: Production Pedagogies

A growing body of educational literature suggests that people learn best, and learn most deeply, through engaging real-world problems and co-constructing tangible real-world artefacts – material solutions – that matter to them, that have use-value to them, and that connect with the world at large in significant and meaningful ways.

What we call ‘production pedagogies’ extends learning action beyond the walls of the school and formal institutions, as well as the boundaries of traditional curricular forms, to intersect with wider communities of makers, with dynamic real-world models, and with authentic tools and situational practices of cultural production today.

Production pedagogies help us rethink literacy and learning – and we invite educators to create and stage supportive social and media environments where learning actors can inhabit roles as composers, writers, critical makers, game-designers, and researchers — that is, as cultural (re)designers – directing their own learning in terms of their own aims, imaginations, and critical purposes.

Read/Write and Remix Culture (Video)

Read/Write Culture, Remix and Wikijam


Read/Write Culture, Remix and Wikijam

Read/Write Culture & Wikijamming (Video)

This video features a wikimedia 'quick start' tutorial.

Wikijam Tutorial


Wikijam Tutorial

Models to Disassemble/Reverse-Engineer


Cut and Paste the Databending entry (code level) into a new sandbox page of your own to examine the wikimedia 'code' and learn some wiki-coding conventions (like creating a 'table of contents', new internal links, citations and references, uploading and sizing and tabling images, and creating external links, and so on...

The Wikimedia FAQ/Community has 1,000 more tips/tricks for extending wikimedia possibilities...

Getting started