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Baking powder

Although it is “chemical”, yeast natural yeast is not suitable for all kinds of pastries. In the cake dough or puff pastry, yeast simply can not be put.

What baking powder contains
The main ingredient of baking powder isbaking soda. Chemically speaking, sodium bicarbonate (E500). It also containssodium dihydrogen diphosphate(E450) and somestarchor flour (filler). Therefore, if you want to bake strictly “without chemistry”, do not despair, it can be solved. Please read.
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“Find a loophole” in the dough Carbon dioxide bubblestake care of the dough. The latter is released exactly during the decomposition of baking soda. Therefore, in the fermented powder, the most important is her. So what does sodium dihydrogen diphosphate do in the whole process? This gives baking soda an important condition suitable for its decomposition, that is, a more acidic environment. And even bother him while baking in the oven. There, too, bubbles will be released, and the dessert will “acquire” even more.

Diphosphates are very harmful
However, diphosphates are not only used in baking powders. It is found in many other products. For example, mixtures for the manufacture ofsausages,process cheeseorchocolate drinks. A small amount of diphosphate in baking powder is not so important, but high doses can disrupt our body\’s phosphorus-calcium balance and increase the excretion of calciumfrom the body. Therefore, foods containing diphosphates should not be eaten in large quantities and often, especially inchildren. For them, calcium is important for the growth of bones and teeth.
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How to replace baking Powder
If you want to eliminate even a small amount of diphosphate in baking powder from your diet, you can replace it. It\’s actually just baking soda with acid. If our recipe also includes yogurt or buttermilk, then you can safely use onlybaking soda itself. You can also addlemonorvinegar. Depending on what we bake and what our recipe “tolerates”.
The important thing is that the alkaline soda mixes with the acid and begins to release bubbles of carbon dioxide. You can also purchasebio-fermented powderwhere acidity is taken care of instead of diphosphate tartar.