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Board Games

As far back as ancient Egypt (around 3500 BC), the ancient Egyptians played board games. It was not a board game as we know it today, but the principle was the same. You beat others within a set set of rules. Eventually, the games we know so well evolved, such as chess, Maria, and Don\’t Get Angry. In the last century, however, a large number of different board games began to emerge, and thus there were many to choose from.
kanadské monopoly
Board games can be divided into several basic categories.
– Strategic
– Racing
– Positive
– Exploration
– Knowledge
– Guessing
Different people may like different types, but in every category there are games to suit everyone.
In 2018, the most purchased game in the Czech Republic was “Codename. This is a strategy game that uses two-word phrases to reveal which player has which role. However, the world\’s leading game is not followed by board games. The game “Monopoly”is a legendary game created by Charles Darrow in 1943. In this game, you are a merchant, buying buildings and trying not to go bankrupt as a merchant. Today, there are variations for virtually every city, from Berlin to Hannover. There are also various expansions, increasing the playing time and the possibilities for moves and strategies.
desková hra osadníci z katanu
When was the last time you personally played a board game? It has probably been a while. But why? In this day and age of the Internet and television, basic, simple principles like mere games are slowly disappearing from most people\’s daily lives. That is a great pity. Above all, because of this we have stoppedthinking logically, cooperating and most importantly communicating with each other. So why not go to your local toy store, stop by the shelves of board games, pick out the ones you like best, and invite your friends over for a nice evening?