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Dark Chocolate for Health

Can\’t resist a sweet treat, but worried about the health effects of eating it? What if there was a sweet food that would not only spoil you, but also be good for you? Yes, it really does exist, and it is loved by all who have a sweet tooth. It is chocolate. However, it should not be eaten all at once and must be of good quality with high cocoa content.



  1. Good for the heart
  2. Protection against free radicals
  3. Lower blood pressure
  4. Muscle building
  5. Positive effect on cognitive function
  6. Helps fight aging
  7. Prevents cancer
  8. Help prevent Alzheimer\’s disease
  9. Improve blood flow to the brain
  10. May help with Weight loss
  11. Enhance mood and reduce stress
  12. Act as an aphrodisiac

Which type of chocolate to choose
Good dark If you want to choose chocolate, choose one with high quality cacao, with a cacao content of at least 70%. Doing so will have a positive effect on the body. However, it is not only the cacao content that is important. The manufacturing process of chocolate is also important. By gently manufacturing and processing the cacao bean, more nutrients are preserved.

mléčná čokoláda

How much of this deliciousness should I enjoy?

If you are happy that chocolate is healthy and you can eat it by the pound, beware. The motto “everything in moderation” applies here as well. Chocolate is a relatively high calorie food. So how much is a good amount to eat?

High quality dark chocolate is literally packed with valuable antioxidants. It also contains fiber, manganese, copper, iron, and magnesium.
Don\’t Worry About Being Too Bitter
Worried that high cocoa content chocolate is too bitter? Then choose a really good quality one that will surprise you with its smooth and delicious taste.