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Don’t give stress a chance

Stress has a negative impact on health. We all know this. We have trouble sleeping, we get nervous, we feel we don\’t have enough energy. This is normal. However, we can partially eliminate the negative effects of stress on our health. There are several options. We can reach for chemicals and alcohol, or we can face the problem head on and start with more alternative methods. For example, try herbs.

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St. John\’s wort is the first herb to choose when feeling stressed. You may also know it as St. John\’s Wort. This herb has beneficial effects on psychological problems and insomnia and harmonizes a person\’s psychological state. It treats indigestion and headaches caused by stress. St. John\’s Wort can be taken on a long-term basis. However, care should be taken to avoid exposure to sunlight when ingesting St. John\’s wort. This plant causes photosensitivity. St. John\’s wort is not addictive.

An herb that reduces stress islemon balm. It can be easily grown in the garden or purchased at a specialty herb store. Lemon balm\’s healing properties are due in part to its pleasant aroma and taste. Like St. John\’s wort, lemon balm acts on psychological disorders. It relieves muscle spasms caused by stress and tension. It relieves palpitations and digestive discomfort related to tension and anxiety. People who suffer from unpleasant migraines should also try lemon balm. If you want to use lemon balm instead of sleeping pills, sweeten it with honey. This herb has no side effects. It can also be used in refreshing summer drinks. Pour cold water over chopped fresh leaves, add sliced lemon and ice. A very refreshing lemonade will result.
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You can also make a mixed tea to help with stress. Add dried lemon balm, dried marjoram, bay leaf, valerian root, and St. John\’s wort.