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Eyes as a feature

It is true that as we get older, our vision will probably change and decline for everyone, but that is no reason not to take care of our eyes. 6]In fact, at the first signal of burning, urgency, redness, or uncomfortable itchingour eyes let us know that a problem is approaching. There are actually several reasons why this happens. Likewise, vision loss is genetic and can occur relatively early in life. Of course, we must not forget UV radiation and daily use of electronic devices. [Driving a car, which some people do on a daily basis, can also affect vision. The good news is that there may not be a catastrophic scenariothat is the road to blindness, etc., as many things can affect you.

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What should you do to keep your vision healthy?

  • Remember to have regular checkups with your eye doctorand many problems can be prevented. It is not a good idea to see an ophthalmologist after the pain becomes unbearable or you cannot see for a long time. That said, a yearly preventive checkup is ideal to properly check your visionand address any early problems.
  • Do eye exercises. For a healthy body, it is good to do several exercises that stretch and strengthen all muscles. The same is true for the eyes. It is not difficult and can be done anywhere without anyone noticing: just take your eyes away from the computer screen or other ongoing activity about once an hour and carefully focus on something else. Of course, this principle does not work while driving. You will be concentrating on another distant object, and you will actually relax and train your eyesight at the same time.


  • Taste the blueberries. Does it bother you if it stains? While it may indeed be uncomfortable, on the other hand, not many foods have such beneficial effects on vision as blueberries. Blueberries also help with tired eyes, protect eye cells, and promote corneal health and regeneration. Furthermore, it must be acknowledged that blueberry consumption is highly beneficial in other areas as well.