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Family home without chickens, one shot out!

It used to be very common for parents to keep chickens in their home, but not anymore. Most young people build or buy a new house, but their only other living creatures are dogs or pond fish at most. Let\’s consider together the advantages of keeping a few chickens at home.
slepice ve výběhu
Before keeping them, however, make sure that the chickens will not disturb the neighbors. We keep chickens primarily for their eggs. Meat is also not a chicken preference, although we will probably use it for soup. As for benefits, all you need is a small field to run the chickens and a shed with a few boards around it. For the most part, they do not need to be cared for at all. The only obligation is to let them out every morning and close them up in the evening, but that\’s not too bad. They will control pests and provide fertilizer. If you keep the rows of vegetables you grow surrounded by nets, they will not be destroyed.
Chickens are less demanding, so instead of spending money on supermarket eggs, try raising your own. Not only will you save money on eggs, but you will also get fresh eggs and know where they come from. Chickens are like vacuum cleaners; they will eat anything they can get their hands on, so sometimes they will just eat the leftovers from lunch or dinner. Of course, they must be fed chicken feed.
kurník na slepice

Most hens lay one to two eggs a day, depending on the species, of course. You should consider your own consumption, ask your family if anyone else wants eggs, and keep an appropriate number. In winter, they lay fewer eggs than in summer, so keep that in mind as well.
Have them take care of fertilizer in the garden each year. If you clean the enclosure and spread the fertilizer on the plow, you kill two birds with one stone.
After all, eggs are delicious and nutritious. Few people would dislike scrambled eggs served with freshly baked bread for breakfast.