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Going on holiday

Travel. For some it is a pleasure, for others a nightmare. We all have different settings. But the fact is that most people don\’t like to travel very much. Why? Because they don\’t like it. It\’s a stressful experience for them. And most of the time they don\’t know that they are actually doing it themselves.

For example, they leave packing until the last minute. Even the night before the trip should be slight for them, so they should start a couple of days before departure. That way, they can wash the “absolute essentials” at the beach.

zátiší s kufrem

Some women have two or three suitcases and still think it\’s not enough. No wonder they are nervous before a trip. You don\’t know what to put in or take out. And when they learn that they will be taking a train instead of a car to their destination, they have so many things to say that they don\’t want to throw away their suitcases. But after all, you have two hands. So you can only take two suitcases. Unless, of course, you can get transportation from the train to the hotel. And the suitcases will not be sent as excess baggage.

hromada kufrů

Otherwise, you have to put these bags on the train, shelve them, and watch them along the way so that thieves don\’t steal them. So the whole journey of this fictional woman is full of tension. Plus you get hungry and there are no snacks on the train. That\’s fine, but in which suitcase? So, the nice lady gets into a crowded compartment and painstakingly searches for her suitcase. Such a trip is not good, and it only grates on one\’s nerves.

Therefore, it is better to actually send a suitcase and keep snacks on hand in something else. A small backpack or shoulder bag is good. Put the snacks in there and that\’s it. Never put your documents in it. Never. There is a chance you may touch the food, but more likely someone will steal it. You don\’t have to have food, but you do have to have documents and money.