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How to spend a nice week in the mountains

You may still remember your own childhood,HolidaysIn the mountains of a typical wooden house, where wood dominated even the interior. There were no comfortable huts with jacuzzi and swimming pool with modern furniture and hotel services. Only bread with salami settled in an ordinary porcelain mug with tea and plates taken out, and with a little luck, we also got a tatranka for a day trip to boiled eggs and processed cheese. There was only a wash basin with hot water in the room and I slept in a bunk bed, but as a child I was constantly running around, so the stairs with treads were permanent. But inside the cottage was warm and smelled such a special and impressive aroma that we had never experienced at home. And the view. It was priceless.
silnice na horách

It was kind of pastoral, far from a comfortable 4-star residence, but we were satisfied. In many ways, both us, our children, and our parents. You know, more than three quarters of us return to our childhood with nostalgia in our thoughts. We are surrounded by the usual standard of our own kitchen with appliances, dishwashers and refrigerators, but three quarters of adults want to experience something similar again.
srdce ve sněhu

Today you can stay in a mountain hut

Even in the age of mobile communication and smartphones, you can come across a mountain cottage in a real retro style, not a fake. Such cottages still exist, and, surprisingly, even in the center of the huge mountains and the famous mountains of Sumaba. It\’s a little bit of looking for needles in the haystack, but there are many modest people living in the mountains, where spiritual human values are especially important. And your children.
zasněžená chatka
You can entertain them very easily on skis or bobsled or sleigh, and if the weather does not want, even without an internet connection games are interesting for many children, especially for the youngest, even just to teach or read from books, their own imagination is very important, and if you do not want to play at least a few games. If you leave the online world for at least a few days to experience how the mountains lived in ancient times, you will support it. Modestly, but pleasantly.