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Killer Whales: 9 Places to See Killer Whales in the Wild

Good food is abundant, and it is estimated that up to half of the total killer whale population (about 25,000 orcas) lives in the area
Where to see killer whales: Tours departing from the Ushuaia Peninsula in Argentina are very popular. There are also tours from New Zealand to the Ross Sea in East Antarctica.
When to go: from February to March
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2. Valdez Peninsula, Argentina
Here, it is easy to observe the hunting techniques of sea lions, especially offshore.
Where to find them.
March-April (Punta Norte), September-October (Punta Delgada, Caleta Valdez)

Killer whales stay together in the coastal fjords of western Iceland, where they fish for herring.
Grundarfjordur village on the Snefernes peninsula, a two-hour drive from Reykjavík, and Húsavík on Iceland\’s north coast
Best time to visit: January-April (Snefernes), March-October (Húsavík)
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4. Norway
The waters around Tysfjord in northern Norway and further towards the Arctic Circle are one of the few places in the world where snorkeling is permitted where killer whales swim.
Where to see killer whales: many expeditions start from the village of Andenes, on the northern island of Andea. The town of Tromsø has also recently become a center for orca watching.
When to go.
Located 50 km off the coast of Western Australia. The area is currently believed to be home to the largest pod of killer whales in the Southern Hemisphere.
Where can I see them?
When to go: late January to early April

6. Alaska
The movement of Alaska\’s 18 killer whale pods depends on two factors: ice movement and fish.
Where they are observed: they congregate in Kinai Fjord, around Resurrection Bay, Kachemak Bay Tours are available near Seward or from Auk Bay in Juneau.

7. San Juan Archipelago, USA
The salmon-rich waters off the coast of Washington State are home to three pods of killer whales, which mainly hang around the islets. During the summer months they chase fish near shore.
Attractions: regular tours depart from San Juan Harbor every Friday.
When to go: mid-April to mid-October.

8. Auckland, New Zealand
During the summer months, schools of killer whales can be seen swimming through Auckland. In the Hauraki Gulf, rare harbor porpoises can be seen year-round.
Places to see
When to go: October – March

9. Vancouver Island, Canada
Orcas here are accustomed to boats approaching them, and can get very close to them.
Places to stay: Victoria, Campbell River, Telegraph Cove
When to go? May to October in the south, July to August in the north.