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Landscape of Borovansko, forests, meadows, ponds, birthplace of Zhiček

If you are a passionate lover of cycling and want to see a number of interesting places of your wanderings, go to South Bohemia, if possible, every day on a different topic.
For those who have just discovered this landscape, it is somewhat difficult to choose the best starting point. In short, where to stay, so that the trip by bike is 1 day and there is a possibility to return, and the surrounding landscape is interesting enough on the star-shaped bike path.
zámecký rybník

Borovany – The starting point for cycling

A small town in the center of the most beautiful South Bohemian landscape. Borovany is an ideal starting point for cycling in the area of Třeboň, českグ Krumlov, JindichIchohradec, Novohradec and českグ budjjovice. Their location is very convenient, there is a very good road connection, because the railway line passes here, and you can easily connect to any bicycle path in the area.
špinavý rybník
A great advantage can be seen in this diversity.  On Monday you decided to make a trip, for example, to Trebon, you will head to the settlement of StebEbčec, go to Strášnadnečárkou, and through Lomnice nadlučnicí you will come back comfortably. On Tuesday, you can make an expedition to explore the Novovrad Mountains. On Wednesday, you can find completely different undulations in the terrain around the Limov Reservoir and the Marche River.
Thursday will be českまRumlov by Kememži,Tíísov,Dívčí mask and back by Trhové Sviny. On Fridays, you can relax in Ceske Budejovice in one of the tea rooms, cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, climb the black tower and see the confluence of the Marche and Vltava rivers. On Saturday, travel to Suchdol nad lušnicí and finish your lovely day with a swim in the Tust sandbox, explore the meandering of upper lušnice and be captivated by the distant views of the Tebeboš basin. On Sundays, you can go on a trip to Zindicev Hradec via Novos nad Necharkov or Larsenice, drive a half-day bike or take the narrow gauge railway to Nova Bisčice, which crosses Czech Canada.