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Music teaches us something

The importance of music is underestimated these days, especially among young people.

Many young people under the age of 15 (more often boys) do not listen to music at all, and at best listen to computer game soundtracks. Almost everyone has at least two pairs of headphones, but no songs are played in them.

saxofonista v kapele

Without music, I don\’t think I could even exist. I can\’t even count on my fingers the number of songs I have recorded on my cell phone.

I\’m not just talking about CDs.

I like to use Spotify, an app on my phone (ad-supported, on the Internet) that lets me listen to original releases from artists around the world for free. Whether you like American rappers or Czech rock, Spotify has it all.

YouTube also has many breathtaking music videos.

What about concerts? I go to concerts, not necessarily big ones like the ones at the O2 arena, but festivals and stuff.

I am very fascinated by “The Colors of Ostrava.” Every year, world-famous artists perform, but I am also fascinated by obscure music like oriental techno and drummers.

With a variety of stages, there is something for everyone.

And let\’s not forget the atmosphere. The area of Dolni Vitkovice, the construction of the ironworks, and the mines shining in the summer sun add icing to the cake.

konfety na koncertÄ›

Playing musical instruments is not only attractive and produces beautiful sounds, but also helps one\’s health.

For example, wind instruments are recommended for asthmatics. Of course, blowing alone does not cure asthma, but it strengthens the strength and stamina of the breath, and for many it eliminates the need for so-called breathers, which are full of toxic substances. This is especially true at Christmas, when “We Bring You the News,” “Silent Night,” and “Jingle Bells” ring through the house.

Or have you heard how good various duets, orchestras, and flutes sound with percussion accompaniment? Or have you ever heard a small saxophone vibrate an entire house?

Music has an important place in life. Music can express all kinds of emotions. Anger, that is the flute crying out and the keys almost flying off the piano. Joy, a fast tune that plays itself. Or sadness, when one listens to a song and tears flow without words.