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Old facades and roofs look good after all these years

Every homeowner will eventually face aesthetic problems that are quite unpleasant. That is, every homeowner with an insulated facade. You may have noticed during your walk-through recently that this problem is affecting not only older homes, but newer ones as well Mold on facades ,Moss on roofs.

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Polystyrene prevents buildings from breathing and traps moisture. This can indicate mold and lichen infestation, often causing very unsightly dark maps over time. Roofing materials can be metal, concrete, clay tiles, or whatever you prefer. You can see moss buildup on the roof, which is really unsightly. Moss is less common on sheet metal and glazed tiles because moss does not adhere easily to them, but moss can be seen on these roofing materials as well.

Certainly, moss on the roof and darkening of the facade are a problem for anyone trying to have a clean and tidy home. However, there are ways to get rid of these annoyances. You may be surprised to learn that there are contractorswho can remove both of these problems from your home. They are not hard to find by searching for keywords such as “roof cleaning” or “facade cleaning. Of course, before cleaning, there is an inspection and a fee is calculated.

Cleaning is usually done with a machine that uses a powerful stream of hot water. This removes even the most stubborn lichen and moss. The roof can also be brightened by spraying new paint on the roof without removing a single tile. These contractors also use the same method to clean the facade.

If you dare to do it yourself, there is nothing stopping you from hiring such a machine and removing the facade or roof eyesore yourself. However, one must take every precaution to avoid injury or damage to the house. It is best to leave this to a professional contractor with experience and knowledge. The height of the houses is usually less than two meters, making the work quite dangerous.

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