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Rédl – New TV Crime Drama

Crime dramas shot in darker shades are literally on the rise these days. Not only has the third season of the popular series Labyrinth just aired, but so has the popular Danish-Swedish crime drama Bridge, and while Red is supposed to be in the vein of both productions, that is not entirely the case. Unlike the aforementioned detective story, this is not a series with sequels, but a closed series with only four episodes. Moreover, the screenwriters did not make everything up, drawing in part from the recent past. However, this is not a directly historical work, but a story loosely inspired by events that took place at the time. In other words, it is fiction, but fiction based on real life.
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At the beginning of the story we meet two young men. By chance they discover that the wagons full of weapons and ammunition of the gradually retreating Russian army are beginning to disappear. This causes one of them to lose his life and the other to hide in a strange place. At that moment, military prosecutor Romain Redl, played by Ondrej Sokol, appears on the scene and slowly but surely begins to unravel the various threads that lead to the solution of the case.
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The story takes place just after the revolution, when democratic principles were not yet fully established in society and at the same time a significant part of the occupying Russian army was still stationed on our territory. Furthermore, Czechoslovakia was about to be divided into two republics, which adds to the weight of the story. The storyline of this crime drama is quite complex, and the audience is in for many surprises along the way. Many historical figures appear in the story, but their names have been slightly changed. For example, General Alois Lorenc is called Ferenc. This dark detective miniseries will premiere on Czech Television on 11.11.2018 and is sure to be a fun one.