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Smart Houses

So what is a smart house and what should it be able to do? First of all, it is no longer just a matter for science fiction and wealthy technology enthusiasts. It is about using AI to control common home functions such as lighting, heating, locking doors and garage doors, etc.
Dům technologie

For example, if you enter a dark room, the lights will turn on by themselves, and thanks to a preset feature, you can set the lighting style simply by touching the screen on your tablet or phone, and the system will automatically recognize which lights to turn on and at what intensity.
In addition, the AIcan control blinds and shutters so that you always have optimal lighting levels in all rooms according to your requirements.
Heating, a major advantage of smart houses is the clever use of sunlight as a supplementary heating source. By knowing the current position of the sun, the location of the house, and the direction of the windows, you can use the sun\’s rays to reach the set temperature of the house free of charge.
Another major advantage is the security of the house, which the AIprovides very well in your absence. When you leave the house, the system goes into standby mode and continuously monitors closed windows and doors, smoke detectors, motion sensors, and movement around the house.
Robotická sekačka
It can even turn off an iron that you inadvertently plugged into an outlet without your permission, and if there is an intruder, it will make a phone call, call the police, or sound an alarm.
Energy conservation, as noted above, allows the house to use the sun as a power source by itself, but that is not all. The system adapts to the habits of the house\’s inhabitants, so it can quickly track if the TV is running unnecessarily, even though no one is watching it. Thus, for example, laundry or dishwasher washing can be scheduled for an unoccupied time.
With these features, smart homes can cut water and energy costs by up to half.