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Stop, please, and return to spiritual balance

First of all, it should be noted that mental illness and its possible consequences are often neglected by people. The desire to succeed, to be recognized, and to be socially accepted often drives people beyond their limits. Depression, burnout, and excessive anxiety have been called by experts the diseases of civilization in the 21st century, and rightly so.

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When a few days off are not enough

Statistics show that the majority of the population becomes concerned about their health only when persistent problems interfere with their daily lives. Excessive stress, lack of sleep, and overall lack of rest cause the imaginary carousel of difficulties described above.

People under intense pressure for extended periods of time, whether from family, employers, or in difficult social situations, are unable to perform their tasks as effectively as before, leading to long-term frustration and subsequent fatigue.

When taking a few days off does not help and the symptoms of “illness” grow unbearable, where do you turn?

Put yourself in the hands of an expert

Visiting a psychologist is no longer the exclusive province of fools and rich women. These days, many physicians work with insurance companies. The time frame for seeing a doctor or making an initial appointment is one to three months, so it is best to address the issue early to avoid making the problem unnecessarily worse.
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Psychotherapy as a path to self-discovery

To begin, a psychotherapist is always looking for the cause of your difficulties. During the initial consultation, he or she will discuss your medical history with you and focus on factors such as your family, interpersonal relationships, personal life, and hobbies that can serve as cornerstones for your future. We will also look for your weaknesses that need to be effectively addressed.

Psychotherapy of any kind, conducted under professional supervision, results in learning to accept yourself, including all positive and negative assumptions. Learn to work on your thinking and correct false stereotypes and moments that trigger mood swings.