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The Power of Seawater

We enjoy being at the beach all year round. This time of year is good for us not only because we are finally free from a year of work and can switch off and relax, at least for a little while, but also because of the wonderful effects of the sun and the salty sea water.
Mořská voda

Of course, each ocean water has slightly different composition, so it is up to each person to decide which ocean to visit. What they do have in common, however, is that they contain incredible amounts of minerals and trace elements. For example, iodine, bromine, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. Very beneficial is the water of the Dead Sea, which contains as many as 21 minerals.
Sea water literally has beneficial effects on our skin. The aforementioned minerals enter through the skin and open the pores during bathing, which helps in this intake. The skin is perfectly regenerated and appears healthier, more elastic, and overall younger. People with skin problems such as exanthema, psoriasis, and acne often turn to the sea due to the fact that water cures all of these. It flushes toxins from the body.
If you have thyroid or circulatory problems, going to the beach on vacation is also a good idea. The minerals selenium and iodine help to expel thyroid-related disorders. Swimming is also great for rehabilitation, as it improves blood circulation and moves many muscles in the process. Water also has a bactericidal effect, which helps wounds heal faster.
Vlny v moři
But your hair will thank you too. You will also notice that your hair is much cleaner during this session. Your hair will be softer and shinier. If you suffer from dandruff, I can assure you that you will be rid of it during this vacation. Also, your nails will be perfectly polished and clean, saving you a trip to the manicurist and making you look like you just had a French manicure.
Are you looking forward to your next beach vacation? I\’m sure you are.