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What is politeness?

Above all, we should treat each other with decency and respect. Even if we disagree with others, please respect them. If a person is bothering us even though we think it\’s stupid, we should cut off the conversation and contact it elegantly, not rudely. What is the main framework of our movement in society?
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” It\’s an age-old truth, and clothes make a man,”is a phrase we all know. First impressions matter a lot. Important is a well-groomed appearance, face, hair and, most importantly, clothing.

You are not allowed to go to the theater wearing jeans and a plaid flannel shirt, shorts, or a translucent dress like a beach scarf. He does not apologize for missing clothes with permission. It\’s not about snobbery. An exceptional event, an experience where a visit to the theater is supposed to be,requires exceptional clothing.Of course, now we are not talking about the various underground theaters, often there is also a certain culture of dressing, but very alternative. A gentleman does not need a dovetail suit, but a suit. Women again pisaníček and evening dresses. If she does not feel comfortable wearing a dress, then, of course, these days evening pants and blouses are accepted.
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Cultivated movements and speech

Immediately after the first impression of your appearance, people focus on yourposture, gait and posture. It is necessary to stand upright, in a gently relaxed tension. Dancers do it best. YourYour voice, the ability to proper dynamics and, of course, a wide, polite and colorful vocabulary will also make a strong impression. Vulgarity belongs not to the usual sociable gatherings, but to borderline situations.
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Christian values

It operates on many things and is a term that hinders ethics more than etiquette. Sounds strange in an atheist country. But the law, which the majority of the population does not have problems and considers them unquestionable, is based on the Ten Commandments. Stealing, insulting parents, being dishonest – this does not belong to a good society. It belongs only to the “better” society, the mafia. Where do you want to belong?