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What the Treatment community does

  • To promote the development of personality and creative potential of oneself.
  • Support the process of understanding yourself and your own life path.
  • Strengthen existing relationships in the work environment, in the family, among friends.
  • Focus on highlighting patterns of behavior that are acceptable to society.
  • Prohibit unnecessary searches for professional psychiatric help at the expense of the use of their own abilities.
  • Inform about the legal order of modern society, the duties and rights of citizens, the possibility of social assistance.

terapeutická skupina
Treatment consists in adjusting the everyday situations that arise when living with other people. Community clients learn to manage even more complex situations, conflicts and problems, conflicts of interest, that is, general events that a person may encounter in an unprotected institution or social care environment. The goal is to promote assertive behavior, the desire for cooperation and creative approaches, and the ability to control one\’s emotions and emotions.
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Therapeutic Community Programs

  • Individual procedures are aimed at finding the optimal solution to their problems. In this case, the person cooperates with the guarantor.
  • Community collaboration that ensures that every day at a specific time, all participants in the treatment meet with the therapist. It deals with the relationship between the individual and the whole, that is, the community.
  • Group therapy is attended by people with a common problem who have won purely. In this way, it is better to disassemble the situation that has arisen, and everyone has the opportunity to have a unique experience from it.
  • Skills education focuses on dealing with feelings of stress in general everyday situations.
  • Thematic procedures that focus on finding ways to get out of situations related to personality disorders and relationships with yourself and others.

životní prostředí

  • Art therapy and creativity – this is a remedy with the help of art techniques, playing musical instruments and motor skills.
  • Yoga and relaxation techniques focus on different forms of active rest.
  • Different types of sports activities (table tennis, football, volleyball, etc.) depending on the possibilities of the treatment center.)
  • Occupational therapy in the form of useful activities for the normal operation of the home or center, for example, cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking, gardening, minor home maintenance, etc.
  • Travel and leisure – this is the active use of leisure activities, such as hiking, cycling, concerts, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, swimming pools.