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Wooden Houses

The decision that comes after the purchase of a building site is often the most important one in a young couple\’s life. The dilemma of what kind of house to build is one that will not only be of good quality and functional, but will also enrich their lives. But they can also live a happy life with their children in that house. Of the options currently offered to young architects, they will undoubtedly choose.
Výstavba montovaných domků


The construction of a brick house is one of the most frequently realized architectural constructions today. Brick is an age-old building technique that, when combined with innovative accessories, can reduce not only construction but also future operating costs. Depending on their financial situation, the young couple decides whether to build the house themselves or to have a brick house built on a turnkey basis. If they chose the first option, they would have to take into account the longer construction period. However, if they choose the second option, the construction period will be greatly reduced if they choose the ideal house from the catalog of the construction company that will be contracted to build it. Depending on the building conditions, it would be possible to move in within two months.
Stavba zděného domu


This type of housing is popular with young couples without children. They offer a healthy, ecological lifestyle and allow for future additions to the house. to meet the needs of a growing family. The foundation of a new prefabricated house is usually built in one day. The warranty on the structure of these homes is 50 years. Considering the cost of purchase, this is a good investment. Heating costs are also guaranteed. A major advantage is the kindness to the building site. This is thanks to the ground screw technology.

Or wooden houses?

If a young couple chooses a wooden house, the construction period will be a bit longer than for a prefabricated house. For romantic couples, this material is the best choice. Often spruce, fir, pine, and larch are used in construction. Wood lovers will enjoy the scent and warmth of wood in their new home. They can choose from the project catalogs of many contractors. Modern wood construction is usually offered on a turnkey basis; it can be single or multi-story; it can be built in a single or multi-story building; it can be built in a single or multi-story building; and it can be built in a multi-story building.