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Amusement parks worth visiting

AboutFor centuries, when the fair came to the town square, all the children were delighted. Good kids could ride the merry-go-round, try their luck at the Wheel of Fortune, enjoy cotton candy, and take home balloons. If you have more active children in your home and need to literally let off some energy, why not take the whole family out to an amusement park so that you, the parent, can get some rest at the end of the day. You will find that everyone will enjoy it, not just the kids.

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In the Czech Republic, the Matějská pilgrimage at Výstaviště in Holešovice, Prague, is worth noting. It can be visited all year round, even during vacations and vacations. However, the best time to visit is at the turn of February and March, when it is traditionally open to the public. If you visit on a weekday other than a weekend, you do not need to pay an admission fee; you only need to pay for the attractions you want to ride. The Czech pilgrimage is no longer just a carousel of big chains.

If you live in the eastern part of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, or near the border with Poland, you need to visit Enagylandia. It is about an hour and a half drive from Ostrava. It is the largest amusement park in Poland and is reminiscent of the huge entertainment centers in the United States. In all, there are 52 modern attractions, including roller coasters, the House of Horrors, and other fast or tall rides.

The most famous is undoubtedly the Prater in Vienna. Next time you are out shopping or sightseeing, be sure to visit the Hundertwasserhaus, similar to Prague\’s “Dancing House”. From here it is a short walk to Europe\’s most famous entertainment complex. The Prater has many new and modern machines, as does Energilandia. The most famous, however, is the Vienna Wheel. The admission fee is relatively high, but it is worth it to buy a ticket that allows you to see the whole of Vienna in the palm of your hand.
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How far is it to Austria and Poland? If you live in West Bohemia, for example, head to Germany and visit the Churpfalz Park. This is especially good if you have young children. The whole area is like a fairy tale storybook, and little princesses and princes will be delighted.