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Everyone has their own way of having fun

It has long been said that everything goes better with a smile. Of course, laughter is not always desirable in many situations. For example, a man exposes himself to a new acquaintance and does not find it funny or reassuring when she starts laughing at his body ornaments. He is not the kind of person who always falls into the gutter and makes bystanders laugh. But still, we humans love to laugh,and amusementis no stranger to us. So let me tell you a humorous story.

sladký úsměv

There is a family, consisting of a mother, father, son, and daughter. Plus the occasional maternal grandmother and paternal grandfather.

The mother is a woman who tries her best to make the family at least somewhat functional, but basically fails. This is because she is often neglected by her son and does not get along with her alcoholic husband.
This husband is an alcoholic, uninhibited, weak-minded, and does one foolish thing after another, but, paradoxically, he has responsible duties. But even if he were a truly malevolent and despotic boss whom only his perpetual sycophants could stand up to, no one would fire him.

barevní smajlíci

And this father is an extremely bad influence on his hyperactive, often troubled son, who would have been separated from his family long ago if it were us.
It is a wonder that at least his daughter has any value. She is intelligent, curious, hardworking, and highly motivated to learn. And coincidentally, she is repeatedly tormented by the malice and phrasing of her brother and father, who throw sticks at her feet.
Her grandmother is rarely seen because she has been hunted by the police for years.
And this family is somehow trying to live and function, which of course is practically impossible. This is because the negative influence of the men completely sabotages the efforts of the women. One problem after another.
Funny, isn\’t it? You laughed!
What? You don\’t laugh? You don\’t like The Simpsons?