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Art Exhibitions Anticipated This Year

Gallery of Art Prague
Located in the Old Town Square, this gallery offers an exhibition of works by Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Alfonso Mucha. To our delight, this exhibition is permanent. So it is up to you when to go and admire their works. Even on weekends, the gallery is open daily from 10 AM to 8 PM. I won\’t go into the ticket price breakdown here, but for 390 CZK per person for three exposures, I think this is a very fair price for the chance to see the work of a well-known artist for yourself.
Dalí Atomicus
Among Salvador Dali\’s paintings are, for example,“Lincoln in Dali-Vision”(also known as “President Lincoln”). From a distance, as the title suggests, we see a portrait of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, but from close up we see a nude woman looking out of a window.
In the Andy Warhol exhibition, of course, one can see Campbell\’s Soup, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe, and most of Lips .
In the works of Alphonse Mucha,Lorenzaggio,Peonies,Four Seasonsshould not be missed.
Warholova Marilyn Monroe
Genius or destroyer?
This is the name of an exhibition by the famous street art and anonymous artist Banksy, which will be held in Prague from September 1 to December 30. However, the exact venue has not yet been revealed. This is the first time the artist has held an exhibition in our country. The younger generation will be especially interested in his work, as it expresses a reaction to the problems of the whole world. He also combines graffiti, stencils, and free creation.
Frida Kahlo and her photographs [30].
Another representative of Surrealism appearing in the Czech Republic is Frida Kahlo. However, this exhibition is not a classical exhibition of paintings, but rather an exhibition of her lesser-known works, namely her photographs. A total of 241 photographs depicting her life, including her upbringing, the accident that changed her life, the revolution, and her husband, Diego Rivera, will be on display. The exhibition will open on December 2 at the Dům U Kamenného zvonu gallery in Prague.