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It is a little difficult to talk aboutpartnershiptoday. The original male + female scheme is no longer valid. Not only can there be male + male and female + female relationships, but there can also be male + female and male + female relationships, and there are many individuals who are hard to label, who do not even know who they are or who they want to be. But let\’s stick to the original method, which fortunately is still mainstream. Traditionis traditionand has roots and history.
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In that traditional partnership, small and large divisions and verbal and sometimes physical skirmishes occur with varying frequency. It takes a certain amount of tolerance, courage, humility, tact, and generally a lot of qualities to get along with one partner over the years, to overcome the bad, and to experience the good. It always depends on the partner and how we harmonize and where we differ and diverge. Sometimes there are violations on the part of the man that are very difficult for the woman to overcome. Today, with nearly half of all married couples not married, we cannot even talk about marriage. Or women silently tolerate their husbands\’ transgressions and suffer or enjoy the various privileges granted by men in return for their toleration.
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But there are also many transgressions and changes in behavior on the part of women when they feel that they have reassured their men and allowed them to bear children. The most common mistake women make is to stop taking care of themselves. They stop trying to be attractive to their partners by not grooming themselves at home, wearing faded clothes, getting fat, and thinking they have done enough. As a result, men often turn to infidelity and abandon their families in search of younger, more attractive partners. Like it or not, men have it a little easier in relationships, and their trust increases rather than decreases with age. Thus, they can afford to look for a partner even as they age, or they are eventually hunted by a partner.