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Bold colors look good in summer

Now that summer is here, it\’s time to pull out those sheer items that have been buried in the back of your closet all year and probably forgotten about. Of course, you need to check first to make sure they still fit and are not out of style. But have you ever wondered about the color difference from winter clothes?
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It\’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, but many people are still walking around in bland, sad colors: gray, brown, various dark colors, but mostly black. And isn\’t that a little disappointing?Why not brighten yourself up in the summer by wearing more colorful clothes? After all, even scientists have confirmed that the colors around us improve our mood.
In the summer, look out for colors such as green, blue, pink, orange, or even yellow. At the same time, try combining them. For example, I don\’t mean light blue to dark blue. Try combinations that you would not have thought of, and see how fresh they feel to you. For example, combining pink with yellow makes it look better from a distance, and green with orange brightens it up.
Don\’t forget your shoes and handbag. These days, it doesn\’t have to match your entire outfit. Go through what you have at home and bring a handbag or shoes in a completely different color than your outfit.
What about other accessories? Watches, bracelets, necklaces, and of course hair pieces in various designs such as floral patterns are also recommended. For example, you can choose a headband with a summery design for the same bracelet.
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You can always go back to your original outfit by combining anything you can think of. But it would be a shame to walk around on a sunny day like a gray rat without a shred of imagination. And above all, remember that it is not what you are wearing now that is important, but what you feel comfortable in and what makes you feel good. [And if you don\’t like something, ignore it and be happy with your choice.