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euthanasia! Yes or no? What about elsewhere in the world?

In the Netherlands, assisted suicide is legalized. In 2012, compared with 2011, there was an increase of 13%. It was enacted in 2002. The Netherlands was the first country to allow assisted suicide.
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What is euthanasia?
• It is a suicide aid, allowing doctors to help patients commit suicide without being prosecuted.
Who can be euthanized?
· Terminally ill patients suffer severe pain
· Must explicitly seek help in suicide and must do so several times to be 100% sure
· Also individual cases must be approved by a second doctor
Belgium is another country that legalized euthanasia in 2002 But this choice of death has been chosen by the Netherlands.
In 2009, euthanasia became legal in Luxembourg, but in 2 years only 14 people chose this option.
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In the Czech Republic, assisted suicide is not legal, but some doctors acknowledge that it is done in such a way that the attending physician leads the treatment of the patient to death. This is done by administering more patients with terminal stage, for example, morphine. It is quietly practiced and the goal is to put an end to the suffering of patients with incurable diseases. The survey has long shown that the majority of Czech citizens are in favor of euthanasia, but all 10 respondents could not express themselves.
In which countries are euthanasia still allowed?
· Luxembourg – Under strictly defined conditions, a sick person can accept death at the hands of a doctor
* Switzerland – This means that a doctor can help a patient like a doctor.
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In some countries, so-called things are also allowed. Passive euthanasia when treatment is intentionally interrupted
*Italy – not a crime, such as cutting from the device in case of brain death
* Finland
Mexico – A terminally ill patient may refuse treatment that prolongs his life