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Croatia’s Lastovo Archipelago

The Lastovo Archipelago is an area that oozes tranquility. Don\’t miss these must-see spots. These are the remote islands of the Lastovo archipelago, which can be reached by ferry from Split or from the Peljesac peninsula via the island of Korcula. As one moves away from the mainland, tourist traffic gradually diminishes, and one can see many interesting things before returning to the mainland.
loď na Jadranu

Palaces of the Roman Emperors

o In Split, the locally famous Diocletian\’s Palaceis definitely worth a visit.

Theatre of Korcula and Sword Dances

o In Korcula, visit theopen-air theater stagein the island capital of the same name. In the traditional sword dance of Moresca, the Red King is recovering his betrothed\’s bra from the clutches of the Black King during the Korcula War.

Birthplace of Marco Polo

o The town of Korcula claims to be the birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo. On the islet is Marco Polo\’s birthplace and the only surviving observation tower.

Stone Market

o While on Korcula, be sure to take a tour of the walled old town. Above the port of Vela Luka on the island of Korcula, there is a hill that hides the limestone cave Vela Spirawhere prehistoric people lived.
chorvatská korčula

Dachshunds around the monastery

o On the small island of Badija is an abandoned Franciscan monastery. Around the once thriving monastery buildings now roam herdsof semi-wild feral deer,constantly snatching treats from the hands of tourists. [46] [47] Quarries for Christians [48] o On the nearby island of Vrnik, one comes across quarries [49] [50]. This is where the Roman Emperor Diocletian sent rebellious Christian prisoners to the quarry. One can also come across a villagewhere most of the ancient stonemasonshave been abandoned.