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The Phenomenon of Time – www

What does the abbreviation www actually stand for? Have you ever researched its history? If not, here is the answer: WWW, World Wide Web. In case you\’re wondering, it\’s actually the web, or a system of links where links are stored, especially to sites called the web. This is what you need to access your web browser. Every web page should have hyperlinks as part of it, and these may be several. This interconnection, similar to the aforementioned web, is simply called a network.
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Where and how the Word Wide Web came about
Behind all of this is the duo of Berners-Lee and Caillou. Almost 20 years have passed since these two gentlemen decided to create something that would provide a large amount of data that could be further utilized. Thus, the hyperlink system was born into the world and became an integral part of the Internet. Shortly thereafter, the first websites were born. The HTML language was developed for easier communication. In connection with these innovations, the rules of the Internet Telecommunication Network (HTTP) were also created. Thanks to these rules, connections could be tracked regardless of where they originated. The World Wide Web as we know it today took its final form in December 1990.
It did not take a few years for the WWW to connect over a billion websites from all over the world. Until then, not everyone who used the Internet could click on a document, i.e., freely jump from one document to another.
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Web pages do the same: they start with a URL, the browser downloads the content, and it appears on the screen. This requires an IP address. Thanks to the IP address, Internet browsers can find different files by typing them into a web page. It can detect the number of hits on a website and displays the current number of visitors.