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Wherever you look, you can see someone dancing. There are many types of dances, everyone can choose only what he likes the most, so he dances both old and young. We can even say that dance is really imposed on us today, because we enjoy it both young and old, on TV, in movies, in various competitions and performances.Today, there are also many clubs where people go to learn a particular dance. Now we are not talking about classical dance, but about, for example, street dance clubs. By the way, street dance is really popular today and I know a lot of people who go to it and they really enjoy it very much.
When you watch a movie, almost every movie has at least a momentary part, with one of the characters dancing and playing catchy, modern songs.
Tančící pár
We have already mentioned the dance contest. After all, even in our Czech TV shows every year there are many competitions in which different people take part, whether they are famous personalities or a group of talented people who want to turn their attention to themselves and show the world what they are good at.
If you go to the theater or go to a performance hosted by a neighborhood school, dance performances are certainly inevitable. Today, children are taught to dance in almost every art circle, and there is always one in every city.1 But honestly, even if you don\’t like dancing very much, you can say that you don\’t care too much when you see kids trying to show off their dancing skills.
Dívka tančící na silnici

You\’ve probably heard all the “dancing.””It\’s actually a course where young people usually go to dance in the first year of high school. But today, as the boys go dancing less and less, it is rather decreasing. Personally, I do not blame them.
How are you? Do you like dancing? Did you go to dance or did you not dance at all?