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Brick, concrete, or wood?

This is a question that is solved by almost everyone who is trying to design his house. In general, bricksare more popular in the Czech Republic. Most fans of bricks prefer them because they are traditional building materials. The assortment of brick blocks today is very extensive, and the 2 largest suppliers offer a similar product range. Modern bricks have many excellent properties, such as strength, bearing capacity and thermal insulation. However, there are 1 more material on the market that is completely different from brick, which provides enough insulation for the newly built house without the need for further insulation. This material is calledaerated concrete.
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[27 But opponents of this modern material can argue that aerated concrete has a high absorbency, which must be recognized. In short, both of these materials have advantages and disadvantages, it depends only on the particular customer he prefers.

Woodcan be put in a completely different category in construction. The block, whether brick or aerated concrete, is carried out on the construction site by the technique of masonry. The tree is a chapter in itself. Wooden buildings are built from it, and judging by the general opinion, very few people choose this material to build a family house. Often, wood is used in buildings that are not intended for permanent residence, making various cottages, cottages or garden cottages and gazebos. Wood is not completely popular for building cottages, because it can be attacked by wood-eating pests, and also has little fire resistance. Wood is also constantly changing. Depending on the weather, it can work.
zeď z cihel plných pálených

The choice of material for building a house is an important decision, but most people already have a deep-rooted opinion somewhere and choose accordingly in the future. This opinion can come from childhood, depending on which family the person grew up in. The choice is up to everyone.