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Do you know what cookies are and why they are dangerous?

Have you ever heard of cookies? If you think it means cookies, you are right. However, in the Internet environment, these “cookies” have very different meanings.
The term “cookie” can be found on almost every website today. You will notice that many websites require you to confirm your consent to the processing of cookies. To do otherwise, by law, you must give this consent individually on each website.
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Consent to this data processing is not obligatory, but if you do not consent, many websites will not display properly. Therefore, if you want to prohibit Facebook from processing this data, it will not work.
But do you know exactly what these cookies mean? Cookies are small amounts of data that a website stores about you. In most cases, it is user information such as your first name, last name, age, email, and address. However, they may also contain passwords . For example, this is indicated by the fact that information is already pre-populated when filling out a form. Furthermore, it provides peace of mind to know that one does not have to log in to an individual account more than once, and that the login name and password are already stored.
Now that I think about it, this is definitely an easier task for the user. Basically, there are two variations of when this information can be misused. The first, and better option, is if an unauthorized person has access to your computer and can see the data; the second is a much worse case: if a virus gets into your computer, it can be used against you. A virus gets into your deviceand all your data ends up in the hands of hackers. The consequences are anyone\’s guess.
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If the attacker knew all your logins and passwords, you could easily losethe money in your bank account. So be careful where you agree to process this data.