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The beautiful Caribbean

Having a long, big vacation has always been my dream. I will never forget when I was supposed to spend two weeks on vacation in the Caribbean. I actually won that trip. I remember sitting at home in front of my computer and noticing an ad for the Caribbean. I wondered for a while, but upon further investigation, I soon realized it was a contest. A contest to win a trip to the Caribbean! The Caribbean sounds like a really luxurious and amazing vacation that I would love to experience. The rules of the contest were pretty simple: buy 10 items, submit the code, and you were entered into the drawing. Then a week later, the questions I answered would be entered into the drawing again.

I hory jsou pěkné.

And I was happy when I got them all right; you can\’t imagine my joy when a month later I received word from the contest that I had won a trip to the Caribbean. I had never experienced a vacation like that, nor did I think I ever would. I, too, told myself I would take time off work to go to the Caribbean. Soon I had to brag at work that I too had won a vacation to the Caribbean. I was really, really excited. And so were my parents. My parents said that if they had extra money, they would have wanted to go on a Caribbean vacation with me. Because

Karibik byl luxusní.

I would have had to pay for the vacation. I won a vacation in the Caribbean. I was very happy. Have you ever been to the Caribbean? I think it\’s a really luxurious vacation that you\’ll never forget. At least that\’s how I feel. I have a hundred pictures and I\’m happy. Because pictures take me back to vacations. Plus, photos are great because you can remember a lot and show them at different gatherings. Do you go anywhere to relax?