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Escorted or Independent Travel

The true traveler will not go anywhereusing a travel agency. But are there true travelers among us? Most of the time, we want to take a break from work and spend a few nice days or weeks with our families or partners. And few of us have the time to spend hours planning itineraries, booking accommodations, and researching destinations. Instead, it\’s much more convenient to have a tour operator provide you with a ready-made tour. Wouldn\’t you agree?


The destination you are going to and your language skills will probably play a big role. That is, how many languages you know and what foreign languages you can communicate in. Thanks to the Internet, the options for planning a vacation have expanded greatly, and finding a place to stay or booking a cheap flight is no longer a problem. But it does take time. And not everyone has it.

I myselfprefer to book my sightseeing vacationsthrough a travel agency andarrange my accommodationsmyself. Or a combination of the two. They arrange their own transportation and their accommodations through a travel agency. After all, they can already recommend appropriate hotels according to your preferences. What looks great on the Internet is not the reality. You cannot completely rely on reviews either.


When planning a sightseeing vacation on your own, you need to search the Internet and read books so that you don\’t miss any interesting places and don\’t only go to famous places that are crowded with tourists. There are travel agencies that offer less famous but equally beautiful and interesting places. And in many cases, you can find a really good group of people, and in them you may find new [28] friends [29] that you will keep in touch with after the tour is over. For me, the Brnotravel agency Kudrna in Brno
proved to be this way. It is definitely a good choice for solo travelers without a partner. There are more people like that and the tours with CK allow you to blend in with the group and enjoy it more.