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Where are you going?

The eternal question people face every year. Not all of them, of course. Some never go anywhere, others already know. The last group always goes to the same place, and that\’s where the planning stops.

Every choice makes sense. The only question is whether it will work for that person. Because that is the basis, and it doesn\’t matter if that person is at the beach or somewhere in the countryside. However, the fact that one should relax on holiday should remain a fact and a law. It is admirable to complete a cottage, but is a holiday that is not used really worth it?

potůček v přírodě

Apart from vacations, there are also vacations for children. The kids go off to some camp, with or without their parents. Preferably a Scout camp, but not freely available to those who are not interested. There are plenty of other camps everywhere. So the kids arrive at a ready-made camp, settle in, and have fun. They don\’t have to build a kitchen or fend for themselves. How far that is a good thing, we

must leave to the parents

. A long, long time ago, it meant coming to a place, mowing the meadow where you sleep, and drying the grass. Sometimes it meant helping the farmer load his cart. The farmer must have been willing to mow a lot of grass, because not everyone could do it, but he got his forage and was happy because the scouts saved him the trouble. They also had a place to camp, because sometimes they would help the farmer with milk, food, and other things. It was a very good symbiotic relationship. The children would not have had a cell phone in their hands and a sickle in their hands.

potůček v přírodě

Now, back to the adult holidays. Without children, you can go on more strenuous hikes, take in the evening entertainment, and stay there until dawn. That\’s what holidays are for. They are meant to be fun. Or you can just lay back, read a book, and watch the clouds. You won\’t see clouds until next year.