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Foster Care and Temporary Custody

Do you have a big heart and your child has left the nest? Do you feel underutilized as a parent? Do you want to give them a handful of love but have no one to give it to? Your children are not going to have children yet, they are going to enjoy life, travel the world, maybe even build a house. And you don\’t want to bring your children into the hustle and bustle. How about you? Can you imagine a little baby “landing” in your arms?

matka s malou dcerou

Our state has a temporary foster care program that allows you to keep a small child entrusted by the court for up to one year.

If you are open to the idea, and your partner is open to the idea, you may not be too far from action. Look for a child welfare office in or near your town. Sometimes people mistakenly call them “social welfare offices,” but they are not. The social welfare office is the social security administration of the district and handles, for example, processing pension applications, calculating and paying sickness and long-term care benefits, and checking medical compliance of employees.
matka si hraje s malým dítětem

So not there; turn your actions to OSPOD. Put aside your fears and move on. First, make it clear to yourself whether you can accept and lovingly care for a stranger\’s child into your own family. Look for information on the Internet. Once you have absorbed everything, discuss it with your partner, and then summon up the courage to go to the child welfare agency with jurisdiction.

Ask the OSPOD staff what temporary custody is like, what your opinions and ideas are, and anything else that concerns you. Preparing a list of questions at home may not be a good idea. This is because you may forget many of the questions due to the situation or nervousness of the moment.

At first, workers may discourage your “ideas”. Again, arrange a meeting with them. Not that they don\’t trust you, but they need to check you out. And maybe that next meeting will lead to an offer from them. Study and consider everything properly, have a family meeting, discuss it with your family, and explore your feelings as you imagine a new baby in your family.

Your body and soul will not betray you. If your soul smiles, you are in a position to create a sense of home for your little one, even if only for a year.