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Hlubokar nad Vltavu, just outside České Budějovice

, located just outside Ceske Budejovice , is not to be missed. It is a town only less than 10 kilometers away from the major cities of the South Bohemian region. As its name suggests, the town is woven by the Vltava River.
Hlubokar is famous for several tourist attractions that will fascinate you.
The biggest attractionis the zoo, called Ofrada, located on the edge of town by a pond. This complex is constantly expanding, and here you can see all kinds of animals. The zoo is quite large, especially the newly renovated part, where one can enjoy a walk and see the creatures that live here.
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If you are not interested in the animals, you can go straight to the castle which overlooks the whole town and can be seen from a distance. It is on top of a hill and is very large and wonderful. Many fairy tales in Czech cinema were filmed here, and if you climb to the top and look up at the romantic towers and ornate facade, you will understand why. The castle itself and the observation deck offer beautiful views of the surrounding towns and countryside, especially in spring and summer. And don\’t forget to take a stroll through the chateau\’s gardens. The gardens are a delight just to be in, with their many colorful flowers (when they are in bloom),
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and the beautiful views of the surrounding towns and countryside.
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In addition to these typical attractions, be sure to check out the area around the Vltava River. There is a brand newbike paththat stops atPoněšiceandBaba. The flow here is very calm and the view of the old game reserve and its forests makes the walk along the bike path more interesting. The Baba Lookout was built from the old local hillfort of the same name, and it is quite difficult to follow its traces. However, if you head toward the forest from the Hluboká-Zámostí neighborhood on a local path, with the river on your right, you won\’t miss it.