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How do you boost your immunity?

We all know that illness is unpleasant. Just as a man\’s cold can ruin the whole family\’s weekend. Fall is the most common season for flu, winter is dominated by colds, spring is allergy season, and summer breeds intestinal and stomach viruses. Illness is always present and cannot always be avoided. But the stronger your immune system, the more likely you are to be able to fight off illness, or at least have fewer symptoms. But how can we boost our immunity?


The human body simply needs vitamins to stay healthy and strong. Vitamins C and D are essential for the immune system. Vitamin C comes primarily from citrus fruits and berries (raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries), but can also be obtained from many other fruits. Vitamin D can be supplemented by sunlight, even in winter, by taking a short walk on a sunny day. Those who do not have time or do not like fruits can buy the necessary supplements at a pharmacy.

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If your body is only accustomed to constant warmth, a little cool breeze can make you sick. So it is really important to stiffen up. The brave ones go to the pond on a cool autumn day and cool off for a short time. But first, wear light clothing, preferably not freezing, but step out of your comfort zone, don\’t over heat, and an occasional cold shower is enough.

Do you know what fatigue is? It is a state in which the body is already exhausted and needs to recover. In this case, it is not a good idea to push yourself too hard. A tired body uses up most of its energy to function and lacks the energy to fight disease. Regular rest and adequate sleep are important components of protecting the immune system.

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A healthy diet

Like fatigue, giving the body empty calories and lacking vital nutrients causes the body to function poorly and to feel weak and tired. Poor diet may be behind some of the problems with immunity. But it is not only what we eat, but also when we eat it. The body needs to ration energy, so do not forget breakfast and dinner. However, only keep dinner light at night, because if the body has to work in rest mode to digest, it will affect the quality of sleep.


And don\’t forget to exercise to build strength and stamina and perhaps fight illness. Ideally, exercise in fresh air is more beneficial to the body than in the smog of the city.