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What are the trends in the modern bathroom?

The aesthetics of the bathroom have always been of little importance. There was little choice, materials were plentiful, and it was a boring place whose primary function was to serve its function. Today, the picture is quite different. Modern bathrooms are not only functional, but thanks to interesting design and properly chosen equipment, they are zones of relaxation after a busy day.
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Minimalist or nature inspired bathrooms?

Over the years, many interior design trends have emerged. Despite the wide variety, minimalist and nature-inspired bathrooms remain the most popular.
Modern bathrooms, in which minimalism plays a major role, are above all tidy. There is not much decoration. Often the only element that serves a decorative function is the faucet. In a minimalist bathroom, all accessories are usually hidden. The fewer external elements, the better. Sanitary ware includes suspended toilets, washlets, simple bathtubs, and shower boxes with low or no shower trays. Interiors are complemented by furniture without decorative handles. Cabinets usually have a glossy finish. With the proper placement of furniture, the modern layout is harmonious and appears larger than it actually is. The biggest complaint about such projects is crudity, which is not necessarily conducive to relaxation.
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Bathrooms with nature motifs remain popular. Often, they are decorated with wood in modern interiors. Wood is an unusual material that is almost always fashionable. Of course, natural wood is not cheap and is not always practical. Exotic materials, especially those resistant to moisture, are ideal for bathrooms. One can also opt for bathroom furniture with wooden decorations that resemble natural ones. They are affordable and there is no need to worry about functionality. Instead of expensive wooden floors, wooden tiles can be used. Currently, all major ceramic manufacturers are offering this option. This arrangement would be complemented by vegetation. Given such an opportunity, it is worth placing suitable live flowers or decorative grasses in the bathroom. If this is not possible, artificial ones can be purchased that resemble natural ones as much as possible.