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How to Commute Every Day and Not Go Crazy

Living in one city while studying or working in another is unthinkable for many. However, it is possible to accept this as part of everyday life and reap the benefits.
Commuting from one village or town to the next is not a long distance. It takes less time than traveling from one point to another within a large city. So let\’s skip the 20-minute commute and look at a longer route.
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What is the tolerable range?
Realistically, we need to determine how much time we can spend commuting each day. By conventional standards, this is an hour at most. In total, this would mean sacrificing two hours, which is not so bad, especially if you drive in the morning and return home in the evening. It allows time to be spread out during the day, and there is no sense of taking unnecessary detours. However, commuting more than an hour is very time and energy consuming and almost unmanageable for most people, so it is better to look for other solutions.
Why commute?
It is good to know why you chose to do so and if it is right for you.
Working people commute because they can find more interesting jobs in other cities or because their companies offer them better positions. However, in today\’s cities, there are already commitments: family, home, hobbies, etc. They can move in with their loving families, live during the week when they have to work and return only on weekends, or limit their work hours. However, Czechs are not accustomed to moving for work and prefer to commute in extreme emergencies. Others choose to go home every afternoon or evening, even if it means having to drive every day.
Today, students are becoming a group that travels frequently for their education. Fares have become cheaper, making commuting to school a relatively attractive option. In fact, commuting twice a day, five times a week is cheaper than a dormitory or a really cheap flatmate in Prague if you have an ISIC card. Apart from the money saved, privacy is probably a winner. If students have their own room locally, it is definitely more comfortable than being crammed into a room with strangers and having to worry about their belongings.
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How can you turn wasted time on the move into something positive?
Commuting is tiring, especially at first, but after a while you get used to it. You can also make the most of it.
Choosing to drive to work has the added benefit of allowing you to be your own boss. In addition, you can clear your head while driving, and you can relax while listening to music or audio. However, aside from time control by car,
time cannot be used as efficiently as on a bus or train.
Therefore, if you choose to ride with others and leave the driving to the professionals, you can focus on your own work, which you have time for, throughout the trip. You can sleep, relax looking out the window, read, study, listen to music, or watch a movie. You can turn on your laptop and work in peace or take care of personal business. There are plenty of options, in other words, these are things you would have done elsewhere anyway. In addition, all airlines have toilets, air conditioning, power sockets, and in some cases snacks on board.