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PCs and Websites are Great

Remember your first computer? Web games too …… Not much. I was very small. Only my brother remembers it. I am about 10 years younger than my brother. My brother was about 15 at the time and I was 5 or 6. And we got a new computer. But for some reason I still had no interest in computers. I preferred playing with toys and going out with friends. I was still in kindergarten, where there were no computers and no Internet. I vaguely remember that the teachers had computers in their offices. But I didn\’t really care.

Počítač je můj denní chleba.

But as my brother tinkered with computers at home and looked at various websites, I became interested. I didn\’t get seriously interested until about the second grade. Because everyone else was already using them. I remember at school, there was a computer in the hallway that had a high-speed web page. It was like an old computer, but the web was cool. But the Internet was available there.

Počítač a weby mě uchvátily již dávno.

So other upperclassmen could study school material there. That\’s what the Internet and websites are perfect for. If you forget something, just look on the computer. Or a laptop. Nowadays, it doesn\’t matter; I have both a computer and a laptop at home. Computers are inconvenient to carry and not practical, while laptops are convenient to carry and easy to handle. But it\’s up to you what you prefer. But it would be great to have both at home. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you won\’t regret it if you only have a computer at home, for example. You never know when you will need to work on a computer outside the house. In such a case, a laptop is certainly convenient. And when it comes to websites, for example, there are really many options and you can make a pretty good one with them. You can design them in different ways, and there are even schools for that.