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Learn from the Master

Our generation was taught skiing mainly by their parents. Pulling a stick on the slope and plunging into free fall is engraved in the memory of many of us. We eventually learned to ski, but we didn\’t learn much about the technique unless our parents were mountaineers. In addition, the time spent on the hill guarding the Capart, many will prefer to spend on the slopes. The ski school is an excellent solution to both problems. They are always guided by certified professionals who improve their skills. Your child will quickly learn to ski without nerves, and in the evening you have to pull him off the gates and underpasses almost with force, and you finally get a real ride after a year, without constantly waiting for someone or collecting it from the ground.
lyžování na svahu
Another factor is safety.1 Ski schools, especially those for the youngest, often have their own designated areas where no one else can. This increases not only the safety of children, but also the safety of others on the slopes. This will be confirmed to you by anyone who has ever avoided an unruly ball with 2 boards at the last moment.
výhled na lyžích

School is not just for kids. For adult customers, those who want to perfect their technique or want to switch from skiing to snowboarding are the most frequent customers. Thanks to ski tours, most Czechs “somehow” go down the hill, but the beauty is not visible. The instructor will help you catch the blunders of the technique that you did not even know you had. You will really learn to ride on the edge, use your body when driving, or take advantage of the slopes. Then there are snowboarders. The board did not become more prominent in our country until about fifteen years ago, and most riders are still self-taught today. Teachers can show you how to drive faster, more elegantly, and ultimately safer. You will learn how to effectively use your weight with the edge or how to ride more economically. And if you want, I\’m sure he\’ll show you some jumps.