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Montenegro by Bicycle

This Balkan peninsula has a little bit of everything: beautiful national parks in the mountains, sunny beaches, friendly people, and great food. The only traffic is on the highways and in the big cities, making it an ideal country to travel by bicycle. Tours are always by bus, and bicycles are transported by special lifts. The journey is quite long and sometimes difficult (especially in Serbia, where there are many not-so-friendly customs officers). Cycling from north to south, then back to the Czech Republic by bus from the southern coast. To see as much as possible, arrange a two-week vacation at work.
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Mountain North
The word mountain in the state\’s name is by no means meaningless. Cyclists who are not confident in their fitness will appreciate the bus transportation. The most challenging stage is the ascent from the canyon from the bridge over the Tara River to the town of Zabjak. The elevation gain is more than 700 meters. In addition, fatigue after the move will be considerable, and the cycling map in front of the accommodations will be the first ever. In the Durmitor Mountain National Park, one can see unspoiled and beautiful nature. Meadows full of prairie flowers, grazing sheep, mountain ridges, lakes and lakes with crystal clear water. There are always beautiful churches in the villages and the people live a simple life, untouched by civilization. When they see you on your bicycle, at first they almost frighten you, but then they try to entertain you, even from the little supplies they have.
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The trip south is mainly by bus, stopping at the Biogradka Gora National Park, where the lake of the same name is reputed to be the most beautiful lake in the entire Balkans. This national park also contains one of the three largest forests in Europe. Next, we will visit the 13th century Moraca Monastery.

Sunny south
There is a challenging climb to the panoramic viewpoint of Boca Kotorska before a flat stage around three bays (Kotor, Tivat, Lisan), followed by a long descent to the town of Chettinje. I have traveled all over the world and Chettinje is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen. Swimming in the ocean, lounging on the beach, visiting historic Kotor and perhaps the most touristy of all, Budva, can make your stay in the south more enjoyable. It all depends on your mood and energy.