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New development of villages

In many Czech villages, more and more family homes and new streets and units are being built. Thus, a new level of people is added to the traditional character of the village, they live in the village as ordinary native inhabitants of this village, but since they are originally from the city, their houses and residential areas acquire a different character.

In a small village, it is customary for everyone to know each other at least by eye, or at least you have mutual acquaintances. In the village, even in a fleeting meeting, everyone wishes everyone a good day. Long-term citizens of the village certainly adhere to this habit, and it is then a fairly simple indicator that someone is new in the village.

malebná vesnická krajina

People moving from cities to villages also have different access to their new settlements. They will probably notice that the structure and behavior of people are different from the city, and they can either define themselves or adapt to this structure.Also, new streets are created in the villages of the zoning plan, only the people of the city move and begin to merge and form isolated groups that often do not communicate with the original inhabitants of the village.

The house that immigrants from the city build in the village often does not respect the existing character, despite the fact that it is very diverse. Villages tend to have cheaper land than cities, people have more money for larger homes, and it is completely out of everything that is around it by its size. Unfortunately, this can completely change something like the picture of the village.

vesnická zástavba

Most people who have achieved the means of building a house in life do not invite architects to this event, mainly because of the high price cost. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that a person is likely to spend the rest of his life in this house, with improper design, can further increase the cost of maintenance and many other worries, far beyond the limits set by the additional price of the architect.