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Pocket money, yes or no?

Some people may feel that a fixed monthly amount of money is not enough to control their children. Others may think that they will not know what that money can buy, which is not true at all. Of course, everyone trusts their children and does not assume, for example, that they can buy cigarettes at the corner store.
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And when the child gets the money promised each month, the parents must learn not to give another $100 a week later. Or more. No matter how much they beg. They say there are tearful scenes at the beginning of the farming season.
You may not care if Andula gets $200 more from her class, and your daughter can\’t resist the temptation and has already spent it all with her. Let her say that she looks like a sock now. Don\’t give in! You have to make do with less than your friend.
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Your boss won\’t give you a raise even if you cry and wring your hands about getting back at her.
Now it may seem like I\’m against it, no,I\’m all for spending money. But I think this is the time to teach our kids to shop mindfully.
We know. Grandma comes along, pulls out her purse, and hands us a few things. But I think that\’s something anyone can do. Grandma should only be allowed to make comments like, “Buy whatever you want, I\’m not going to tell you what to do.”
This not only causes strife between the grandchildren and their parents, but also makes them unaware that the person in question already thinks anything is possible.
Yes, the children need to realize that they also need to think about saving for birthdays and Christmas, since the allowance usually leaves them with nothing before the next payment comes.
Handmade gifts are only appreciated by those who get nothing. 20]
Find out if he has money to give to his family, and if not, don\’t just give. Suggest that he earn that money by doing household chores, which is unusual for him.
Set aside a certain amount of money for vacuuming, cleaning the cupboards, or polishing the bathroom. It will also make the gift selection more interesting for him.
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It is clear that the amount of allowance should increase in proportion to age. First-graders and first- or high-school students have different wishes.
Some start with 200 yen, others with 500 yen, but the important thing is that your little one learns to manage.
I was simply bewildered to hear of a 15-year-old boy who recently started high school receiving $3,000 a month. He is not in the Golden Youth category, but his parents put up that amount because they feared he would be considered an outsider. Unfortunately, he discussed the later reduction to the fullest extent with his parents, and now, a year later, he has received a $1,000 increase.
I am all for children getting an allowance. However, the amount that teaches them to save, to take care of their money, to potentially earn extra money later by working part-time, and most importantly, that they themselves need to understand that they need to earn the donkey and live off that money for a month, rather than “shaking off” the donkey Giving.