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The cashier is a craft that has long since disappeared

With the invention of money came one major problem. With the invention of money came one big problem: how to protect it from those who would try to steal it from us. Thus, more and more sophisticated and elaborate vaults were built to ensure the protection of our finances. Some of these systems are truly interesting and risk the health of potential intruders.
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When Robbery Hurts

The Bank of Finland Museum in Helsinki attracts many curious visitors. They are particularly interested in one safe. But if you think it is impregnable, you are mistaken. [Local experts explain that there is no such thing as an impregnable safe. It depends on how long it takes to open. According to him, cash registers as we have always known them no longer exist. Because it is no longer possible to overcome all the pitfalls overnight.
-The first problem isthe location of the vault in the building.
– Logically, companies place their vaults on the top floor- because that is where the vaults are located.
Therefore, there is no way to mapthe surrounding area to locate the laser sensor.
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These sensors are so discreet and reliable that as soon as they detect something suspicious, the police or security headquarters are notified. The alarm system is then triggered remotely .
– The unpleasant noises, alternating and frequent in a maddening rhythm, make the stay in this environment unbearable. [The perpetrator writhes in agony from the pain caused by these sounds.

Flu? You\’re out of luck.

Some interesting ideas have emerged in the UK. There, vaults are being built that respond to the human voice. It takes two things to make a safe give up its treasures.
1) Know the correct password.

2) Have the right voice.
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The safe responds precisely to the tone of your voice. If you have the flu or wake up after a party, you should not attempt to open the safe. If you think someone else is trying to open it, you will cause a terrible commotion.